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The Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch is a "one-of-a-kind" laboratory--there is no other ranch or entity devoted solely to the study of wild quail.  The Ranch is used as a research and demonstration facility to foster our understanding and management of bobwhite and scaled quail in West Texas. Quail are the focus of all we do on the Ranch. Whether it's our prescribed burning, grazing management or our fondness for certain "weeds"--everything here points to quail! Our odyssey began in 2007 and like you, we enjoyed some great years quail-wise, then  surprisingly, our quail began to nosedive.  Now, five years later we've experienced record lows, and suffered through the quial doldrums.  But we're not content with the status quo.  We've initiated new and novel research to examine the role of diseases and parasites as a competing hypothesis to the prevailing "if it rains we'll have quail, if it don't, we won't" paradigm. Remember that an odyssey is a voyage characterized by sudden, unexpected changes of fortune--certainly that's been the case with quail in recent years.  We're not going to just sit by and wring our hands, we're delving into various restroration strategies. Thanks to our various donors and sponsors for serving as the wind under our wings.  We appreciate your continued support! We hope you will come visit and see what we have planned.  In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and via our monthly e-Quail Newsletter. Dale Rollins, Ph.D. Executive Director
"Gardens are not made by singing 'O how beautiful" and sitting in the shade."- Rudyard Kipling

Tough times don’t last, tough people do

  Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. And you can add to that, tough places. Was there ever a tougher place than the Rolling Plains of Texas? What A.S. Jackson saw in the 1950’s, we are enduring right now. This time there is a difference....instead of just enduring, which is a hard enough task, we at RPQRF are investing in research and working every day to insure that when the drought ends and the quail are again in the pastures, we will have a much deeper and broader base of knowledge than ever before. Perhaps something that we discover will serve to mitigate the effects of the inevitable, next down part of the cycle. Through our radical look at disease and parasites, named aptly Operation Idiopathic Decline, and our newest effort, Operation Transfusion, which focuses on moving trapped quail to ideal habitats currently devoid of birds, we are making efforts in areas that until this point were avoided by biologists of all stripes....all of whom were content to rest behind the habitat, habitat, habitat mantra. So, as you look at our organization and our efforts be assured that we are not idle. That whether you live in a city and travel to your ranch or lease, or, as some of us do, you live in the quail country year round, we are working on your behalf and that of all lovers of quail, country and bird dogs. We fancy ourselves tough people. We know we live in tough country and face a tough problem. We are up to the task.

Rick Snipes, President

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