QuailGuardTM: Protecting the Health of Wild Quail

You would be hard pressed to find a cattleman who does not deworm his stock or a hunter who does not do the same for his dogs. Now, for the first time, we can protect the health of wild quail, as well. RPQRF and its partners at the Wildlife Toxicology Laboratory at Texas Tech University and the Park Cities Quail conservation group have developed QuailGuardTM, a medicated feed to kill parasites in quail.

QuailGuardTM is distributed via a delivery system comprised of a feeder placed in a cage enclosure designed to exclusively attract quail. Research is ongoing to refine the “coverage” of each delivery system unit and the exact timing of when the feed should be distributed, but current guidelines call for distribution for a few weeks in spring and again in late summer/early fall.

While not yet approved for public purchase, field trials of QuailGuardTM represent the first instance in the history of the FDA that a medicated feed has been approved for testing on wild birds. Studies conducted under the strict guidelines of the FDA are showing encouraging results.

QuailGuardTM and the delivery systems will be available in feed stores and ranch supply stores, as well as online. The feed will be priced affordably and each delivery system only uses a few pounds of feed each week. The delivery systems can be set up in a matter of minutes and implementation of the feeding program is not time or labor intensive.

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