Bug Day on Aug. 7

Our annual ‘Bug Day” will be held Wednesday, Aug. 7 at the Ranch.  We need 20 volunteers to help sort and identify (to Order only) the arthropods collected during this…
August 2, 2019

2019 Field Day

Come along on RPQRR’s 11th annual field day, attended by more than 100 “Students of Quail.” The weather was outstanding and we heard a chorus of bobwhites singing in the…
June 4, 2019

A Parasite Position

Coupled with increased awareness of the parasite work being done by the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation, a dismal 2017-'18 quail season in West Texas and Oklahoma left many hunters pointing…
October 15, 2018
MediaParasite Work

A Closer Look at Bobwhite Parasites

The most important advance in 80-plus years in our understanding of bobwhite quail ecology—or, more to the point, bobwhite quail mortality—has been the discovery that a certain parasitic eyeworm, Oxyspirura petrowi, not…
March 1, 2018