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Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch

Storm Goliath: how did it affect our quail?

raingThe second major winter event of the year struck the Rolling Plains with a vengeance on December 27.  Blizzard conditions, including winds in excess of 60 mph brought freezing rain, sleet, and snow.  And the sun didn’t shine for a week thereafter where I was holed up in southwestern OK.  I ran my dogs a couple of times, and drove around getting some video, and found bobwhites in good numbers in the sandhills northwest of Hollis.

One of the niceties about having quail radiomarked year-round for the long-term (8 years and counting now) is that we can assess acute and chronic events that can affect quail survival.  As for this winter, so far, so good . . . may be even “better.”  Here’s a report from RPQRR technician Adrian Cain:  “at the end of the trapping season (12 Dec), we had 99 birds on air. Now, almost a month after the end of the trapping season, our quail survival has been excellent, even during the freeze. Since the end of trapping season, we have observed only two mortalities, one of which was due to a mammal, the other by unknown source.  Three additional collars are missing.”

I spent the afternoon of New Year’s Day in the Annie Pasture and flushed 8 coveys on a walk of perhaps two miles.  Covey size was still “good” (12 birds or so).  We have several hunts planned during January and February and will continue to monitor our radio-marked birds.

Having said that, and feeling good at this point, I’m always nervous when someone reports a peculiar-acting bird.  One landowner from Shackelford Co. called me on Dec. 22 with report of a bobwhite that couldn’t fly well, eventually hitting a cactus.  He captured it by hand, and upon my request he euthanized the bird and put it in the freezer until I can pick it up.  Consider this an APB for any such peculiar-acting quail you may encounter; give me a call (325l-650-0311) or e-mail with such reports.

Justin Trail new addition to RPQRF Board of Directors

trailWe are proud to announce that Justin Trail has joined the Board of Directors.  Justin Trail lives in Albany with his wife Tamara and 3 young daughters, whom he enjoys the outdoors with every chance he gets. He is the founder and president of Commercial Insurance Solutions Group, LLC, a national retail insurance brokerage company specializing in the risk management of real estate investment portfolios, founder and CEO of C1 Insurance Group and cofounder and director of Spicewood Funding Group, a specialty finance company. Mr. Trail serves as a director at Triumph Bancorp, and several of their subsidiary holdings. Trail graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in Wildlife Biology in 1994 and a Master’s degree in 1996.  Justin grew up bird hunting in the small farming towns east of Dallas in the early 80’s. He carried that passion for quail hunting behind good dogs to West Texas upon graduation from college and is still an avid quail hunter.

Knox Co. Blue Quail Restoration Project to kick off in March

knoxgroupThe sudden, widespread demise of blue quail from the Rolling Plains in 1988 always nags me. Some would dismiss it as “habitat loss” but that explanation doesn’t work for me. There are millions of acres in the northeastern Rolling Plains that look plenty habitable to me. So, building on recent successes we’ve had with translocating wild blue quail at RPQRR, we’re embarking on a new project in Knox County. Excited to have Becky Ruzicka (front row, left) who is no stranger to RPQRR and Agrilife will head up the effort; she will use the data for her doctorate at Colorado State University. We hope to trap and translocate 400 blues. Funding for this project comes from Texas A& M Agrilife’s Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative, the Big Covey Chapter of Quail Coalition, and several interested Knox County landowners. One of our objectives will be to conduct an “occupancy analysis” to determine if, where, and how many blue quail may already exist in the study area. If you have seen blue quail in the past two years in Knox or surrounding counties, or would like to be involved in the effort, please let Becky know ( ).

Fall helicopter counts at RPQRR break the “sound barrier”

Let me explain. I consider a quail density of 1 bird/acre a bit like the sound barrier. Occasionally we can achieve a “sonic boom” but not often. We conducted our Fall helicopter counts (note: quail counts not “deer counts”, i.e., slower and lower) on 11 Nov at RPQRR — we counted 115 coveys in 52 miles worth of transect . . . our previous best (since we acquired the property in 2007) was 54 coveys in Fall ’08. Those numbers suggest our quail (includes bobwhites and blues) density at just over 1.0 bird/ac. We counted a total of 1,624 birds. We started our Fall trapping/banding effort on November 12— we’re poised to catch over 2,500 birds over the 4-week long trapping session.


Addressing the Eyeworm Threat in Bobwhite Quail

Addressing the Eyeworm Threat in Bobwhite Quail from Dale Rollins on Vimeo.

Eyeworm publications




Operation Idiopathic Decline: Texas Tech Researchers Discover Blood-Sucking Parasite Epidemic in Wild Quail

Operation Idiopathic Decline confirmed that bobwhites across the Rolling Plains of Tx and OK are heavily infested with eyeworms and cecal worms. Additional research is underway at the Tx Institute of Environmental and Human Health at Texas Tech University to assess how eyeworms impact flying and foraging ability of quail, and towards the development of a method to treat wild quail for these two roundworms. Here the lead investigator on the project, Dr. Ron Kendall, provides an update.

Operation Idiopathic Decline: Search for the Smoking Gun

The role that disease and parasites may play in quail dynamics has been largely ignored since the 1920s. After the (in our opinion) inexplicable decline of quail in the Rolling Plains, the Board of RPQRF “got serious” about disease and funded a comprehensive project dubbed “Operation Idiopathic Decline.” Currently (as of Feb 2014), the RPQRF has invested $3.4 million into this ground-breaking study of disease and parasites. This webisode explains OID in more depth.

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