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Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch

Webisodes - Sounds a quail makes You’re familiar with the iconic ‘poor-bob-white’ whistle and the memories that such a whistle evokes.  But did you know that a bobwhite makes over a dozen different “vocalizations?”  Here Dr. Dale Rollins, executive director for the RPQRR and a World Quail Calling Champion (2001) does his a capella renditions of various quail calls and related sounds.  Researchers and quail managers often base their “quail counts” on various whistles that the quail make.  Learning to interpret these calls (and maybe even mimic them!) can give you a better appreciation of “quail talk” and perhaps even make you a more successful quail hunter.

We need Surrogators! As we seek to document/refine the trapping/translocation process, several questions arise.  For example, is a “soft release” preferable to a “hard release?”  A “soft release” means the birds would be “sequestered” at the release site for some time before their release whereas a “hard release” means they (in this case quail) are released immediately upon arrival.  A pilot study in 2013 involved a soft release of 14 blue quail at RPQRR.  Their survival (11 of 14 survived through the breeding season) and site fidelity (most stayed within 400 yards of their release site) suggest the soft release method was effective.  To test this hypothesis, we need to sequester half of the coveys for at least thirty days before releasing them.  During that time, we provide a layer ration to hopefully help bring the females into laying condition.  We’re looking to borrow perhaps 20 Surrogators or “Johnny houses” in order to temporarily house the quail.  If you have either that we might borrow (or you’d like to donate) for six weeks, please contact me at drollins@quailresearch.org.

Operation Transfusion Seeks Quail DonorsMagnanimous” is the word I referenced several times last month as we recruited “quail donors” to assist our ongoing (and expanding) Operation Transfusion research project.  The blue quail effort will translocate blues to the RPQRR and the Matador WMA.  Our goal is 500 wild quail (300 bobwhites and 200 blues).   Such a quest would be an impossibly tall order if it wasn’t for quail donors in Bailey, Concho, Fisher, Reagan, Runnels, Sterling, Stonewall, and Tom Green counties.  As I bid adieu a cooperator in Reagan County last Tuesday I thanked him profusely for access to his ranch.  He replied “we’re glad to help—it’s for a good cause.”

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