What your donation buys:


  • Two quail necropsies for parasites
  • 200 aluminum leg bands
  • Two pairs of banding pliers
  • Two pairs of forceps and sets of petri dishes
  • Four pairs of dissection scissors
  • Two portable PVC feeders to trap quail for translocation
  • Materials for five quail traps for translocation efforts


  • One “Yagi” antenna used in telemetry studies
  • 1,000 aluminum leg bands


  • One radio transmitter used in telemetry studies
  • One GPS Navigation Unit for aerial surveys


  • One hour of helicopter surveying of our Research Ranch (10 hours/year needed)


  • Telemetry receiver for tracking radio-collared quail
  • One set of truck tires
  • One-month’s salary for college intern
  • Computing software and licenses for six months


  • Technical research software and licenses for one year
  • Specialty rangefinder for helicopter surveys (required for density surface maps)
  • The cost of hosting a field day at RPQRR


  • Salary, tuition and fringe benefits for a graduate student for one month
  • New desktop computer console capable to running data analysis software


  • New UTV

If you would like more info on giving gifts, please let us know.

Phil Lamb

How You Can Make a Difference

The Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, depends on charitable donations to fund its work. Your support will help us continue our quail-enhancing research and conservation initiatives, as well as our education efforts to keep students, ranchers, landowners, biologists and conservationists informed on all things quail.  Please help by making a generous contribution today!

Mail Donations:

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please mail your gift to:

please mail your gift to:

Phil Lamb, Director of Development
Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation
6065 Sherry Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225