Episode 55 – Graziers Down Below: Desert Termites

By November 20, 2023 Articles, Media, Podcasts

Podcasts – Dr. Dale on Quail

Perhaps you’ve never noticed a key herbivore that may be impacting your quail habitat. They’re desert termites, and odds are, there are millions beneath your feet . . . literally! Let’s just say they’re the “graziers down below.” Join me this month as my former colleague Dr. Darrell Ueckert and I get down and dirty on these arthropods. Ueckert, a rangeland entomologist and Professor Emeritus with TAMU, spent years studying these voracious insects.

For previous sessions, see www.quailresearch.org/resources. Thanks to Jonathan Vail (Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation) for his technical expertise, co-host Gary Joiner (Communications Director for Texas Farm Bureau), Jeffrey SoRelle with RPQRF for logistical assistance, and Gordy & Sons of Houston for funding the effort. If you have a suggestion for an interesting interviewee, please e-mail Dr. Rollins (drollins@quailresearch.org).

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