RPQRR offers free screening for eyeworm

By February 1, 2021 Media

As you venture afield for quail season, We’re giving you a homework assignment. Once again, we are soliciting quail heads to screen them for eyeworms. Last year, the epicenter of the eyeworm infection was a bullseye on Fisher County. By screening quail across the state we hope to learn just how widespread (and severe) the problem is. We’ll analyze birds from out of state too.

If you wish to participate, save us 10-30 heads from your county (and a corresponding wing from each). Put each head (with wing) in a separate Zip-loc bag and include the date and county of harvest. Keep the specimens frozen until shipping. Specimens can also be dropped off at the Matador WMA (Paducah), Gene Howe WMA (Canadian), TPWD Inland Fisheries Office (Abilene), or Muse WMA (Brownwood).

Click here for the protocol and data sheet for handling/shipping specimens to us for this free service.

Any questions, please call RPQRR manager Daniel King (325-276-2187).

For more information on how we dissect quail to inspect them for eyeworms, see this webisode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhcioPX8pOw .