Nesting & Call Counts Suggest Upward Trend

By June 3, 2024 Articles, Media

Our technicians conducted five Spring Cock Call counts during May; an additional 5 will be conducted during June. At this point we’re averaging 7.1 cocks/stop which is reminiscent of 2015.

We have recorded 24 nests at this point (20 bobwhite, 4 scaled quail); 15 nests are “currently active.” The hatch rate thus far is 56% and the average clutch size is 13.1 eggs (max = 24 eggs). The most popular nest substrate for May was yucca. – by Adam Vonderschmidt*

*Adam is currently a graduate student at Oklahoma State University and conducting his research at RPQRR. He also serves as our “nest specialist” and Lead Technician mentoring and overseeing our 4 summer interns.