Quail Donors Sought

By January 3, 2020 Articles

One generation plants the tree and another enjoys the shade.” – Anonymous

There’s two kinds of donors in the quail world: those who write a check, and those who donate “in kind.” While we need (and appreciate) both, this request seeks the latter—it’s your bobwhite and blue quail!

Bobwhites and blues are needed for our ongoing restoration (translocation) research efforts in Fisher County (blues) and Erath County (bobwhites). Specifically, we need 100 bobwhites from the Rolling Plains and 100 from South Texas. We have 2 trapping sites secured in each area for bobwhites, but need to line up 2-4 more sites. Additionally, we seek to re-locate 100 blue quail to the RPQRR. We only have one site lined up to trap blues at this juncture—will you help us out?

Our “ask” is for an opportunity (2-3 days) in February to trap a maximum of 25 birds from a site. To put that in perspective, that’s less than two daily bag limits.

The greatest “degree of difficulty” herein is the task of securing 100 bobwhites from west Texas. Good candidates are areas that are too thick (with brush) to be productive for quail hunting, but are well stocked with deer feeders (a focal point for coveys). If you know of any such sites, please let me know (drollins@quailresearch.org), and forward along to any deer hunters you know who might be donors.