Eyeworm surveillance summary

by Daniel King

To date, RPQRR has received 205 head and wing samples for the 2019-2020 hunting season, 152 of which have been examined for eyeworms using two external techniques (Crafton technique and Newsom technique) and full necropsies. These samples were sourced from 5 counties in the Rolling Plains. All eyeworms were counted and recorded. Prevalence and intensity were calculated from those numbers. Currently, Fisher County has the highest prevalence and intensity (from counties where n>10) at 59.0% of birds infected with an average of 12.6 eyeworms each. Note we only have “decent” samples from two counties (Fisher and Runnels); necropsies of remaining sampling continue, including “decent” samples from Matador and Gene Howe WMAs.  Thanks to all who submitted birds.  Keep us in mind next season.
Prevalence: percent of sample infected with at least one parasite
Intensity: average number of parasites per infected individual
Range: minimum and maximum number of parasites found in infected individuals