We do! As of 28 June we have captured 8 broods representing a total of 60 chicks at RPQRR. We attached individually-numbered patagial tags to their wings so their survival can be monitored during trapping in December. Chick survival is perhaps the biggest “black box” remaining in the life history of bobwhites. This new project hopes to shine some light on that facet of chick ecology.

Brood reports of bobwhites from across the state began to roll in during the second week of June (right on time!). However, reports of scaled quail broods have lagged as most of the scaled quail range remains under exceptional drought. Nesting efforts have slowed down as the summer solstice continues to bring 100+ degree highs. However, RPQRR recently received almost another inch of rain last week, which cooled temperatures and hopefully sustains nesting efforts. Ideally, we would see nesting efforts continue into September.

If you have brood sightings, please share them with us; we’ll post them on our Facebook page.