Hunting for a Cure

By May 4, 2020 Articles, Media

In good years when rain comes at the right times, in the right amounts, the Rolling Plains of West Texas can offer the best quail hunting in the country. While the storied plantations of the Deep South might match the Texas plains in numbers of coveys flushed per day, they’re tiny islands of habitat compared to the thousands of square miles of Texas quail country.

During drought years, skilled hunters will run a trailer full of big-running pointers into the ground for two or three coveys. Like drought prone country everywhere, Texas is place of extremes, of booms and busts.

At a glance, quail population extremes are easily explained. Ample rain and agree-able temperatures stimulate lush growth of native grasses required for nesting. Protein-ich insects thrive in the lushness. Annual forbs provide cover and food through the coming fall,  click here to continue