Latest Trapping Results . . . the Tale of the Tape

By March 3, 2020 Articles

We trap quail intensively in November and February each year in order to (a) band as many as possible, and (b) increase our number of radio-marked birds as we approach the start of the nesting season (late-April). Our dedicated team of technicians finished (just this past Saturday) the February trapping session (14 days [7 days on each side of the Ranch]) incorporating a total of 296 trap sites.  This table below shows the tale of the tape.

The total was 327 unique birds (i.e., not counting recaptures). Our current age ratio is 2.1:1 (or 67% juveniles) for bobwhites and 1.4:1 (or 58% juveniles) for blue quail. Our current sex ratios are 1.4 M:F (or 58% males) for bobwhites, and 1.5:1 (or 60% males) for blue quail. Thanks to the crew for some long hours over this trapping period.

Unique individuals Male Female Juvenile Adult  Total
Bobs 166 118 192 92 284
Blues 26 17 25 18 43
Total 192 135 217 110 327