Rx fire experience offered

By February 4, 2020 Articles

We have 12 units (“polygons”) lined up for prescribed burning during February and March. If you’d like to get some exposure to, or additional experience with, using fire as a tool, you’re welcome to come and help out.  We’ve outlined 7 total burn days to be completed during the following dates

  • February 24th-28th
  • March 2nd-4th
  • March 9th-11th
  • March 16th-20th

We hope to burn 2 “polygons” per day ranging in size from 75 to 250 acres. If you would like to get some experience with Rx fire, we need some volunteers. Typically we gather at noon and finish the burn(s) about 6 p.m.

We seek volunteers to assist us so they can gain experience in the safe use of fire. I encourage you to visit with your local Volunteer Fire Department personnel and invite them to come along to learn more about how we use fire effectively and safely to enhance wildlife habitat.

Decisions as to whether to “go” or “no go” aren’t made until the day prior to the burn (due to weather forecasts), so if you’d like to be included on our e-mail list for notifications, please e-mail me stating such (drollins@quailresearch.org).

On a related note, mark your calendars for RPOQRR’s annual field day which is slated for Friday, May 15 and will feature fire as a tool for wildlife managers. Stay tuned for more details.